Colombian coffee is often regarded as one of the main actors of the world’s coffee scene. Why? This is because Colombia ranks third in the world in terms of coffee production. Brazil ranks first, and Vietnam occupies second place among coffee-producing countries.


“Yet there are things one might not expect to discover about Colombia, an amazing country on its own. As a Colombian coffee entrepreneur, I am proud of the unique qualities of our Colombian coffee. Let’s take a look to see if I am right (even if you are Colombian and already know this culture).”

1. Not Italians but we have our own coffee drinks

Truly, is very common to see the regular population out of the street ordering a Tinto or maybe a Perico, the first is regarded as an Americano out of a sophisticated espresso machine and prepared with hand-made methods, the second drink is our own cappuccino with regular milk and so much sugar. If you want to explore the history of our coffee drinks, you should think in a Campesino (nowadays is a coffee farmer) which is a blend between a Tinto and Panela (brown sugar sourced in Colombia and the Caribbeans ) added instead of regular sugar.


2. We are part of the trendy “third wave” of coffee connoisseurs

Tattooed arms, long beard and a leather apron? yep ! that’s a barista which’s the person who prepared carefully that coffee that you get in your favorite café next to the corner. That guy and the rest of hashtags (#coffeefarmers, #coffeehunters, #coffee lover, #coffeesnub, #coffeethenexist, #butfirstcoffee, etc) are part of what people consider a movement to produce high-quality and consider coffee as a artisanal foodstuff as wine rather than a commodity.

Okey, Colombia is not the exception, we have around 300 speciality coffee shops scattered across the main cities of the country, we have championship of latte art, production festivals and many of “gringos” within (into?, in?) the coffee farms.

3. We also drink shitty coffee

Over the years, we are well known as the third producer in this planet after Brazil and Thailand, but that not means that we consume good coffee into the country. Unfortunately, most of the special and high quality coffee has been exported to places as USA, Europe and Asia and we use to drink the coffee with defects which commonly people called it Pasilla.